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October 17-19, 2018
Unexpected Art Gallery,
Phoenix, AZ

The Road Map to Execution

EXECUTION: That One Little Word is often the One Difference Between Innovation Failure and Innovation Success

That’s why BEI is 100% focused on the execution of innovation. Our trademarked “action-learning” formats put attendees right in the middle of the action. Roll up your sleeves, work together to solve real-life barriers to execution, and turn ideas into dollars.

BEI 2018 Focus Areas

How to Get External Stakeholders to give a BUCK!

The essence of innovation is complexity and uncertainty and if that’s the case then how do you get others to buy in to your great ideas? It’s imperative that the you provide a clear understanding of the value proposition of the innovation; why it’s important to the industry, stakeholders, consumers and investors.

Hustle like a Start-Up: Curating the Right Culture & Teams

Often corporate cultures don’t facilitate innovation, they stifle it. A true contrast to the approach of a start-up. Learn how to cultivate a start-up mentality within, or on the edge of, your organization. Shaping progressive teams to bring about an innovative culture.

Pivoting on a Dime: Structure, Process, & Flexibility

Processes and frameworks are important but maintaining the flexibility to change and adapt is critical for survival in this ever-changing business landscape. No industry is immune; learning how to create structured processes that embrace all levels of disruption is important. Discover how companies have not only pivoted, but systematically found ways to transform their business.

ROI: Turning Ideas into Dollars

The core business is always focused on ROI (Return on Innovation). You must constantly justify why resources and funds should be allocated your way. Discover how to effectively validate your ROI and successfully executive innovation that’s profitable for your company.

BEI’s Action-Learning™ that Make Innovation Happen

Group Therapy

These informal expert led roundtables offer a great opportunity to share the setbacks and successes that you are having with the implementation of innovation. These sessions are meant to spark hard-hitting conversations around how you are winning or getting stumped along the journey toward executing innovation.


In these Ted Talk like sessions, thought leaders will present common barriers that stifle the execution of innovation. After the talk, attendees will collaborate in breakout groups to problem solve roadblocks and come up with practical steps to successfully move innovation forward. Groups will be facilitated by thought leaders, to focus on actions that can create breakthroughs for back end challenges.

Game On

These highly interactive sessions put you in the thick of innovation. Through game play you will uncover skillful ways to unbox solutions to the issues that obstruct innovation.

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