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Key Sessions

Dave Birss

Dot Collecting - The Habit of Great Creative People

"A User Guide to the Creative Mind"

Danny Williams

Innovation Isn't All Lava Lamps and Bean Bags


08:00 08:45 (45 mins)


08:45 09:00 (15 mins)

10th Anniversary Welcome

  • Dr. Peter Meier, Orokoko GmbH

09:40 10:20 (40 mins)

Dot Collecting - The Habit of Great Creative People

In this session you will explore what it is that separates the good from the great and learn how to go about doing it yourself.

  • Dave Birss, "A User Guide to the Creative Mind"

10:20 10:50 (30 mins)

Networking break

10:50 11:30 (40 mins)

What Drives Change in the Digital Space

This year is the first of three deciding years for the next decade where the industry structure of global IT/TK Internet branch will be defined. The current changes - from the application layer to web communication, from the system layer to easy cloud systems and data analytics, from the infrastructure layer to programmable global net-data center infrastructures – confound the established structures that we know today. These three upheavals are what the current digitization wave is made of.

  • Heinrich Arnold, Deutsche Telekom

11:30 12:00 (30 mins)

Open Session


12:00 13:15 (75 mins)


13:15 14:00 (45 mins)

High Res Avatar Creation Process

Highres 3D-scanning of humans in a blink of an eye. Sounds cool right? In thissession Valdimir Puhalac will discuss Dobbgroup’s newest innovations including“How to create a human high res avatar in full automatization,” “Cloud based 3D-data service providing,”  and Integration of human high res data in real-time and VR/AR and other applications or hardware.

  • Vladimir Puhalac, DoobGroup

14:00 14:45 (45 mins)

Leveraging Local Innovations to Drive Global Competitiveness and Cost Advantage

After leading in Russia & CIS for decades, LADA products have faced a number of challenges as market landscape and requirements have shifted radically from very self-contained to global. As we bringing our products to a global competitive level, we often find that the use of global platforms is often not as viable as it sounds... Herald Gruebel will discuss the methods AVTOVAZ has undergone in order to combat these challenges.

  • Harald Gruebel, AVTOVAZ

14:45 15:15 (30 mins)

Networking break

15:15 16:00 (45 mins)

Collective Insight 2.0 – Moving Towards a Corporate Utility

  1. We’ll consider the latest trends in idea and innovation management
  2. What happens once you’ve tried crowd sourcing?
  3. What does a collective insight program look like once it becomes mainstream?
  4. We’ll consider where collective insight programs are heading through examples from leading organizations
  • Colin Nelson, Hype Innovation

16:00 16:45 (45 mins)

New Tools and Methods for Customer Value Creation and Open Innovation Ecosystems

Due to the arrival of the digital age and hyper connectivity transcending the walls and silos of traditional business, as well as through the explosion in the speed and ubiquitous availability of technologies and materials from science and knowledge networks around the world, the landscape of modern innovation ecosystems has completely transformed the way in which innovation takes place. Old models and processes simply do not work in the new world of multipoint communication, fast failure and immediate learnings. There are many methods, best practice examples and unique success and failure stories around. Swarovski has shown with its recent Open Innovation approach how a network of over 60 industry/science partners can be created through the definition of strategic search arenas from which new value for customers can be derived.

  • Hannes Erler, Swarovski

16:45 17:15 (30 mins)

Innovation Isn't All Lava Lamps and Bean Bags

Danny Williams will talk about the importance of both the creative and methodical aspects of innovation. Generating ideas is a creative exercise that requires a certain mind-set and environment to be productive. Delivering the innovations requires a shift into a more traditional project delivery behaviour, without which you just have a set of great ideas but no real outcomes. He will discuss different approaches for idea generation as well as the elements he has seen as critical to the successful delivery of innovation.

  • Danny Williams, IBM

17:15 17:45 (30 mins)

Hunting for the Adjacent Possibility – Beyond the Eureka Moment.

This session explores the process of Human Centred Design innovation, with examples of how The Imagination Factory has practically delivered solutions using technologies from different industries and eras (even centuries apart) to innovate. The Imagination Factory is deliberately set up to facilitate collaboration and freedom for the team to pursue their own design/ business opportunities.

  • Julian Swan, The Imagination Factory
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