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Apr 26
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9:30am - 10:00am 30 mins
Option 2: Innovation & Design Building Boston
Creating an Innovation Hub for America’s Leading Companies
  • Chris Wessen - Senior Property Manager, Innovation and Design Building

The Innovation and design Building is a 1.4 million square foot mixed-use complex, home to a diverse mix of companies and entrepreneurs, including architects and engineers, skilled makers and craftspeople, research and development firms, and technology start-ups. Join Jamestown as they take you on a tour of the IdB and share insight into some of the coolest companies based there, and what it means for the future of innovation. Explore the full building before you get an insider look at Continuum, Stanley Black & decker, America’s test Kitchen and Autodesk.

9:30am - 6:00pm 510 mins
Option 3: Part 2- Lean Startup Workshop
Get Hands on With a Lean Startup Workshop for Large Enterprises: How Design Can Drive New Ventures
  • Peter Koen - Director of Consortium for Corporate Entrepreneurship, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Stephen Rich - Managing Partner, BRI & Associates

This workshop will share how to apply lean startup in large organizations. Learn about how the Solution model, promoted by Eric reis and builds on the attributes of Human Centered design, has applicability to improve the innovation process of the entire corporation. Also learn how the Business model approach, promoted by Steve Blank, offers an entirely new process for transformational
and disruptive innovations. However, lean startup by itself only provides a partial solution. Large enterprises also require a unique organizational structure and the understanding of the resources,
processes and priorities in order to be successful with lean startup. Case studies done at companies (GE, Goodyear, Intuit, regal and a large medical device company) who have implemented lean will be discussed to learn practices that actually work. Attendees will “get out of the building” and work in teams to solve a wicked problem while mastering every step of the lean method along the way.

*Note this workshop will start on close of the event on Wednesday. It will run from 3:35-5:00

9:30am - 11:00am 90 mins
Option 4: Fidelity, Ideo & Sam Adams Brewery
Fidelity Labs: Accelerating Innovation at Fidelity Labs
  • Richard Smyers - Vice President, Accelerated Innovation, Fidelity Investments
  • Ken Zolot - Founder, Innovation Teams Initiative, MIT, Center for Tech Innovation, MIT

The scientists and researchers at Fidelity Labs (the r&d unit of Fidelity Investments, also known as the Fidelity Center for Applied technology) innovate with technology to give people access to the tools they need to empower their lives. For over 15 years, they have worked to identify and explore hundreds of emerging technologies, while using design thinking and a lean start-up mentality in collaboration with customers to incubate new products, services and even businesses. tour the Fidelity Labs facilities and hear a session to convey learning in practice.

(*Limited to 25 people )

10:00am - 5:00pm 420 mins
Option 1: MassChallenge Accelerator
De-Risking Open Innovation and Partnering with Startups

The innovation function at large corporations is by nature fast-moving and volatile, building and executing initiatives and new processes to foster new ideas internally and collaborate with innovators from outside the four walls. However, the bureaucracy and conservative thinking that plagues large corporations often filters into innovation teams, the very units that were built to combat the issue. Learn strategies for open innovation leaders to de-risk external collaborations and usher in more efficient pathways into their core organizations.


1. Building organizational Structures and Internal Advocates to Support External Collaborations

2. Assessing Startups: normalizing the Potential-to-risk ratio

3. Assembling an All-Star External Innovation network to Uncover the right opportunities


1. Board for a day: Corporate innovation executives are paired with high growth startups, acting as a member of their board of directors for a day. The groups drill down into business strategy, funding, go-to-market, marketing, operations, and partnerships.this activity allows the innovation executives to get an Intimate view of the entrepreneur mindset to better prepare them to interact with innovators going forward.

2. Hack-a-Partnership Competition

3. Late Afternoon Startup Showcase and networking reception

10:00am - 12:00pm 120 mins
Option 2: Innovation & Design Building Boston
Continuum Field Trip 21 Drydock Avenue: Continuum’s Space for Connection, Collaboration and Community
  • Lee Moreau - Principal, Service and Experience Design, Continuum

Here at Continuum, we are proponents of change. When the opportunity came to change our location from West newton to the heart of the “Innovation district” in Boston, it was a no brainer. Join us for an interactive tour of our new, 50,000 foot space in the Innovation and design Building on drydock Avenue. designed for employees, by employees, experience what makes Continuum’s Boston studio a unique workspace that encourages interaction, collaboration, and above all, great work. And, get a sneak peak into how we make it real.

11:30am - 1:00pm 90 mins
Option 4: Fidelity, Ideo & Sam Adams Brewery
IDEO Cambridge: How Design Can Drive New Ventures
  • Becky Bermont - Portfolio Director, Design for Change, IDEO Cambridge.

Be one of the first to visit the new IDEO Cambridge office, located in the innovation epicenter of Cambridge, Massachusetts. the IDEO Cambridge studio acts as a catalyst and convener of creative forces pushing the edges of what’s next, in greater Boston and beyond. Grounded in a holistic approach, IDEO has usurped corporate R&D by using venture design to identify, create, and launch products, brands, services, spaces, and experiences that create new opportunities for growth. Get a tour of the newly designed space all while understanding how design can be influential in launching new business and brands for large corporations.

(*Limited to 25 people )

12:00pm - 1:00pm 60 mins
Option 2: Innovation & Design Building Boston
Autodesk Field Trip: Autodesk BUILD Space Tour

The Autodesk BUILD Space (Building, Innovation, Learning and design) is a collaborative research & development workshop for the future of building. the 34,000 sq ft facility houses workshops for metal fabrication, machining (CNC & Manual), wood working, water jet cutting, large format routing, laser cutting, composites, glass, robotics and 3d printing.

2:00pm - 3:00pm 60 mins
Option 2: Innovation & Design Building Boston
Innovative Disruption at the Stanley Black & Decker Futures Innovation Factory
  • Spencer Maid - Stanley Security, VP of Innovation and Product Management

The Futures Innovation Factory is the breakthrough innovation research unit of Stanley Security, a division of Stanley Black and decker. As a core team of forward thinking engineers and product development experts, the Futures Breakthrough Innovation team seeks to challenge the industry norm by re-evaluating our current pace of innovation while being an active part of the global technological advancements and product development. We bring fast paced innovative disruption to the industries in which Stanley Black and decker has been a household brand and product name from over 140 years.

2:30pm - 3:05pm 35 mins
Option 4: Fidelity, Ideo & Sam Adams Brewery
Sam Adams Brewery Organized Chaos: Using Rapid Prototyping Techniques & Experiment Design to Quickly Create Market Winning Products

Over the last six years, the Product Innovation group at Boston Beer has increased the amount of product development 10 fold. We develop for Samuel Adams, Angry orchard Cider, twisted tea, and several other brands. the beer market is highly competitive. Before lunch, a new brewery will open every day. this means that our speed to market is essential. the goal of the r&d team is to develop the best beer, tea, or cider in the least amount of time with limited resources. Sound familiar? Come and tour our r&d brewery and learn what techniques we use to build new products, including experimental designs and sensory testing.

(*Limited to 25 people )

3:00pm - 4:00pm 60 mins
Option 2: Innovation & Design Building Boston
Visit to America’s Test Kitchen: The Taste of Innovation, A Unique Opportunity to Visit America’s Test Kitchen
  • David Nussbaum - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, America's Test Kitchen
  • Jack Bishop - Chief Creative Officer, America's Test Kitchen

We're a rapidly expanding independent media company that has earned the respect of the publishing industry, the culinary world, and most importantly, millions of home cooks (just ask the best cooks you know). We are passionate about cooking — discovering why recipes work and why they don't — and sharing what we learn to help everyone cook with confidence. We test cookware and supermarket ingredients to find the best quality products for home cooks. We have a diversified, innovative business model and are delighted to take attendees on a tour to experience and see where the magic happens.