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8:00am 8:15am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Welcome and Introductions

What do we want to accomplish?

8:15am 8:45am (30 mins)

Main agenda

Innovation Project Overview and Team Assignments

The focus of this workshop will be on using lean startup in transformational and disruptive innovations in contrast to sustaining or incremental innovations where traditional stage gate methods can be used. Techniques for delineating the differences with be discussed. Teams will be formed to solve “wicked” problems using lean startup during this workshop.

8:45am 10:15am (90 mins)

Main agenda

LEAN Startup: An Overview

Lean start-up consists of four parts: the business model, customer development, the minimum viable prototype (MVP) and agile – or the build measure learn and feedback loop. Each of these will be discussed. In particular, (1) which business model canvas to use: Osterwalder, Ash Maurya Lean Canvas, Johnson and Koen FEI canvas; (2) whether lead users, early adopters or routine customers should be interviewed, (3) how to develop an MVP based on assumption testing and currency exchange and (4) what metrics and/or investment readiness scales should be used to measure progress.

10:15am 10:30am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Break

10:30am 11:30am (60 mins)

Main agenda

TEAM WORK: Problem Formulation

Many innovations fail, not because of a fatal flaw in the solution, but because the company failed to understand the problem they were solving. Each of the projects will be formulated using IDEO’s unique POV (i.e. defining the problem from the point of view of the customer) methodology which represents a pinnacle of their design process..[1] 

[1] IDEO Bootcamp Bootleg

11:30am 12:30pm (60 mins)

Main agenda

TEAM WORK: Customer Circumstance

Most customer interviews are done wrong where the interviewer fails to understand the deeper underlying motivations and desires of the customer. Best practices using human centered design methodology will be discussed with attendees given a chance to practice the process.[1] 

  • [1] Koen, P.A. “Lean Start-Up for Large Corporations Using Human Centered Design Thinking: A New Approach for Developing Transformational and Disruptive Innovations, eds. In  M. Luchs, S. Swann and A. Griffin, Design Thinking: New Product Development Essentials from the PDMA. New York: John Wiley and Sons, pg. 281 – 300, 2015.

12:30pm 1:00pm (30 mins)

Main agenda


1:00pm 5:00pm (240 mins)

Main agenda

Getting Out of the Building I: Talking to Customers

Teams spend the next 4 hours getting out the building and visiting customers in New York City to begin to determine solutions for the wicked problem the team chose.

5:00pm 6:30pm (90 mins)

Main agenda

TEAM WORK: Presentations & Feedback

Teams present their POV, Customer Circumstance and Value proposition and receive feedback on the conclusions that they have drawn.

6:30pm 7:30pm (60 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Reception