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Key Sessions

Mark Hatch

The Innovation Revolution

Maker Partners

08:30 - 08:45 15 mins
Chairman’s opening remarks
08:45 - 09:25 40 mins
The Innovation Revolution
  • Mark Hatch - CEO, Maker Partners

We have gone through the largest changes in innovation strategy in history over the last 10 years. And the pace of change is only accelerating. Most of what we knew about innovation has changed in fundamental ways. This dynamic presentation will cover what we have learned, how it has changed, our approaches and what other companies and organizations are doing. We will finish with actionable items that you can implement to bring you results within one year or less.

09:25 - 09:55 30 mins
Panel discussion: Streamlining innovation regulation: Turning the UAE into a global innovation hub
  • Dirk Richter - Senior Advisor, Healthcare Quality Office, Department of Health
  • Mazin Gadir - Sr Specialist, Executive Office for Organisational Transformation, Dubai Health Authority
  • Cameron Mirza - Head of Transformation, University of Bahrain
  • What steps are being taken to improve the funding ecosystem for local start-ups?
  • Navigating the ever-changing legal framework for innovation
  • What effect will the new ownership law have on attracting Venture Capitalists to the UAE?
  • The role of higher education/universities in driving innovation in the UAE
09:55 - 10:20 25 mins
Panel discussion: Going beyond IoT: How will the ‘internet of everything’ and the adoption of 5G impact business models and the pace of innovation?
  • Alaa Zaher - Head of Strategy & Innovation, Vodafone Egypt
  • How will 5G enhance industry wide collaboration and future partnership models?
  • Understanding the potential effects of 5G on technology integration
  • How to prepare your company for 5G disruption
10:20 - 10:40 20 mins
A unique story of Tanfeeth's strategic and cultural transformation
  • Mehmet Onol - Vice President – Head of Strategy, Tanfeeth
  • Learn how to execute change leadership in your organization
  • Understand how to execute a digital transformation strategy through transparency and communication
10:40 - 11:00 20 mins
The 'how to' of innovation: engaging staekholders and leading innovation through process strategy
  • Yasser Bahaa - Organisational Excellence Expert, Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence

-Process versus creativity: are you getting the balance right? 

-Managing stakeholders and streamlining ideation 

-How to identify and leverage different skillsets along the innovation journey

11:00 - 11:20 20 mins
Fostering a culture of innovation: Overcoming the fear of change within your organization
  • Fadi Jawdat Al-Hindi - Chief Executive Officer, Takaful Emarat
  • Learn how to implement a sustainable response environment
  • How to use design thinking to embrace creativity and an ‘innovation-as -an art’ perspective
  • Learn how to ‘think big’ using blue ocean strategy
11:20 - 11:50 30 mins
Networking and refreshment break
11:50 - 12:10 20 mins
Transforming healthcare through the merging strategy and innovation principles
  • Mazin Gadir - Sr Specialist, Executive Office for Organisational Transformation, Dubai Health Authority
  • Benchmark of healthcare systems in Europe and USA
  • Understanding the transformation from a volume to a value based healthcare system
  • The role of strategy in guiding the healthcare operating model
12:10 - 12:40 30 mins
The goal setting system used by Google and others to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals
  • David Wilsey - Chief Operating Officer,, Strategy Management Group

From to Adobe to Google to LinkedIn, many tech companies are now using this simple and transparent system to create employee accountability, agility, and alignment with strategy.m your business model around disruptive technologies

12:40 - 13:40 60 mins
Networking Lunch
13:40 - 14:00 20 mins
Driving strategic decision making through big data and behavioral insights
  • David Clifton - Director - Strategy & Growth, Construction Services, AECOM
  • Prakash Senghani - Digital Construction Thought Leader and Evangelist, AECOM
14:00 - 14:30 30 mins
Deep dive learning session: A closer look at the technologies powering technological and business model innovation
  • Jean Luc Scherer - CEO, Inoopolis
  • The future of blockchain in the Middle East
  • Robotic Process Automation: What will automation mean for future people strategies?
  • Big Data: How is data impacting innovation value creation?
  • Artificial Intelligence: How is AI driving innovation at the corporate level?
14:30 - 15:00 30 mins
Creating tangible business objectives to drive digital transformation
  • Issam Al Ismaili - Senior Strategy & Digital Transformational Leader, AWASR

-Who’s role is it to define digital transformation strategy? 

-Understanding the key practices in a well-defined transformation program 

-Learn how to select modernizing digital platforms that drive agility 

-Beyond the IT department: Understand how to communicate digital transformation progress to the rest of your workforce

15:00 - 15:30 30 mins
Going beyond the limitations of your workforce: How to successfully partner with start-ups to drive innovation strategy
  • José López-Villén - Director of Open Innovation, Etisalat
  • Strategies for moving to a lightweight procurement model
  • Assessing innovation models and their benefits: Which innovation model is right for your business?
  • Outsourcing innovation: Do start-ups make the best consultants?
15:30 - 16:00 30 mins
Driving innovation and strong business outcomes through harnessing the creativity of the start-up community
  • Lisa Nyman - Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa

•Solving financial challenges using fintechs 

•Selection process: How to identify a winning idea 

•Building an effective mentorship team

16:00 - 17:00 60 mins
Strategy methodology Round table discussions

Delegates will have the opportunity to choose TWO of the following round table sessions to participate in.  Each round table will be led by an expert practitioner of the chosen strategic methodology. Delegates will have the chance to discuss successes and challenges of the chosen methodology with the expert practitioner and the rest of the round table participants.

  1. Design Thinking 
  2. The new design Thinking: Make way for ‘ignite thinking’
  3. Blue Ocean
  4. 10x strategy 
  5. Lean Six Sigma 
  6. Balance Scorecard
  7. Total Quality Management 
  8. Digital Transformation
17:00 - 17:15 15 mins
Chairman’s closing remarks
17:15 - 17:20 5 mins
Close of day one