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Key Sessions

Howard Shimmel

OPENING KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Re-Imagining the Future of Television


Cathy Cohen

KEYNOTE: The Importance of Race and Ethnicity in Reaching Millennials

University of Chicago

Tom Ziangas

KEYNOTE: Content Distribution and Frenemies

AMC Networks Inc.

8 am 9 am (60 mins)

Registration & Breakfast

9 am 9:30 am (30 mins)

Welcome & Co-Chair Remarks: State of the Industry

  • Co-Chair: Janet Gallent, SVP, Consumer Insights & Innovation Research, NBCUniversal
  • Co-Chair: Robert McLoughlin, VP, Consumer Research, POPSUGAR
  • Co-Chair: Bruce Friend, President, Media & Entertainment, Maru/Matchbox

9:30 am 10 am (30 mins)

OPENING KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: Re-Imagining the Future of Television

In a Q&A session with Shimmel, attendees will get a glimpse in tohow Turner has been breaking ground over the last year in bettering the overall consumer experience. From reducing ad load and sharing results around audience targeting, to strengthening insights for advertising partners and debuting the Turner Ad Lab, Shimmel will touch on what Turner has been up to, how research has been closely involved in all of these efforts and how all of this will impact the entire industry.

  • Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer, Turner

10:30 am 11 am (30 mins)

Networking Break

11 am 11:45 am (45 mins)

KEYNOTE: The Importance of Race and Ethnicity in Reaching Millennials

As the demographics of the country continues to change, bringing with it the increasing presence and power of communities of color, are media companies prepared to effectively reflect racial and ethnic demographic changes in their programming; from the stories they print to the characters they highlight on the screen to the products they advertise? Cathy Cohen, a professor at the University of Chicago and the founder of the Black Youth Project and the GenForward project will discuss her research on millennials, especially millennials of color. Working with the Associated Press and the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Cohen has launched GenForward, the first ever nationally representative monthly survey panel of young adults age 18-30. Unlike previous surveys, GenForward emphasizes the diversity of the Millennial generation. Based on data coming out of GenForward, Cohen will explain why thinking of the millennial generation as one homogenous group is a serious mistake. Instead, her research demonstrates how important race and ethnicity are in defining the preferences and lived experience of millennials. Media companies, therefore, must focus on key segments of difference among millennials such as race and ethnicity, not shy away from them, if they want to reach millennials, especially an expanding population of millennials of color.

  • Cathy Cohen, Professor, University of Chicago

11:45 am 12:45 pm (60 mins)

KEYNOTE: Content Distribution and Frenemies

The collision of technology and viewer choice has significantly impacted content distribution and has fragmented viewership across many platforms. This panel will explore the dynamics between content owners and distributors and the challenges of launching new programming, branding, measurement and more.

  • Tom Ziangas, SVP, Research, AMC Networks Inc.

12:45 pm 2 pm (75 mins)


2 pm 2:40 pm (40 mins)

From Ordinary Target to Persuadable Target

What if you could readily identify people who like your brand already, who would like you if they just knew you a bit better and who, no matter what, wouldn’t like you at all? 

Bravo Media and Civis Analytics have begun to make this a reality. Evolving an approach that Civis successfully pioneered in the political campaign arena and applying to a media brand, we leveraged advanced social science techniques and predictive modeling software to locate Bravo’s most persuadable viewers. 

Results helped us to 1) understand how different styles of ads affected interest in watching the network & 2)identify the exact individuals who are persuadable after seeing a promo. There search provides evidence that it is more important how open someone is to a brand than what traditional demo group they may fall into.

  • David Kaplan, SVP Research & Insights, Bravo and Oxygen Media
  • Zach Schessel, Senior Director, Research, Bravo and Oxygen Media, NBCUniversal
  • Peter Bouchard, VP of Media Science, Civis Analytics

2 pm 2:40 pm (40 mins)

The New Youth Generation: Revolutionizing How the World Sees Millennials & Gen Z

Just when advertisers were getting the hang of today’s youth culture – aka Millennials – the oldest Gen Z’ers turned18. With Gen Zers’ purchasing power quickly growing, it’s no surprise that advertisers are looking for the answers in this lesser known terrain, where Snapchat is king, online bullying is an everyday reality and face-to-face interaction is a rarity. This study is a deep dive into the nuances that exist between each youth sub group. Utilizing innovative methodologies, this study will look at the uniters and dividers of Millennials and Gen Z in regard to purchasing power, relationships with brands, and outlook on life. We will also delve into both generations’ media interests, as well as take a broad look at who/what is influential in their daily life (family, friends, teachers).

  • Rich Cornish, VP, Marketing & Partner Insights, Viacom
  • Tasja Kirkwood, Senior Director, Marketing & Partner Insights, , Viacom

2 pm 2:40 pm (40 mins)

Maximizing Ad Engagement in Today’s Cross-Platform World

When it comes to engagement with advertising, are all TV viewing platforms created equal? Are viewers just as likely to recall TV ads while they’re watching on a computer, tablet, or smartphone as they do while watching on a TV set? And what role does ad load play in the viewing platform equation—which platforms can support a full ad load and maintain reasonable recall? Which platforms require a lighter load?

In this session, we’ll present findings from two studies commissioned by The Council for Research Excellence and conducted by Hub Entertainment Research. The studies examined how a variety of platform and ad delivery alternatives influence ad engagement. The goal: to help programmers and advertisers understand how to maximize ad recall in an environment in which multi-platform viewing is becoming the norm.

  • Jon Giegengack, Principal, Hub Entertainment Research
  • Peter Fondulas, Principal, Hub Entertainment Research
  • Richard Zackon, Facilitator, Council for Research Excellence

2:45 pm 3:25 pm (40 mins)

Viewing Predictions & Inventory Optimization: The Secrets to Success in Audience Targeting

This session will be presented by: TiVo

2:45 pm 3:25 pm (40 mins)

How Starz Stretches Research Further

Starz is doing innovative research -- marrying their proprietary primary research on premium TV viewers and streamers, with syndicated insights on TV motivations from MRI’s Future of TV: Content Drivers. Getting more bang for their buck they take their primary research on TV MA fans (from AMC, FX, etc), Premium fans, Starz fans, and streamers and profile them in MRI’s Content Drivers to quantify the motivations that are driving each type of viewer. Attendees will glean insights about mature TV MA fans, premium network insights, and how streamers are similar or different, plus learn how to model your research in similar ways to make research dollars stretch further.

  • Kendra Sindelman, Senior Manager, Business & Consumer Insights, Starz Entertainment

2:45 pm 3:25 pm (40 mins)

Exploring the Futures of Storytelling and Engagement through Slow Innovation

In the midst of an ever-changing media landscape, how do media companies find dedicated ways to address questions beyond current pressing needs and to think about emerging practices that aren’t yet ready for day-to-day production? In 2015-2016, Sam Ford launched and ran Univision/Fusion Media Group’s Center for Innovation and Engagement, which worked with various university, non-profit, start-up, foundation, and corporate partners to explore new approaches to engaging audiences and telling stories. In this session, Sam shares insights and lessons learned from running an experimental division focused on “slow innovation” and meant to be a catalyst for experimentation, learning, dreaming, research, and thought leadership. From the creation of “community liaison” positions to better engage the publics surrounding FMG’s editorial focuses to new forms of interactive storytelling to forging new types of co-production relationships, Sam will give examples of projects the Center launched and shepherded, man of which were not well suited for day-to-day production practices but which map back to FMG’s priorities, and both the importance and challenges of sustainably investing in such projects.

  • Sam Ford, Research Affiliate, MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

4 pm 4:40 pm (40 mins)

Online Video in the Tool Box: A Must Have

Consumers are watching hours of video across a variety of devices every day. It’s no surprise that video represents the largest revenue opportunity for many companies. But video still has its challenges, and as companies strive to move their businesses forward, they are faced with new technologies, evolving formats and emerging trends. In this session, we’ll share our findings from a multi-market research study on the state of online video today, where the industry is going and how can brands drive successful video campaigns. We’ll also discuss how that research is brought to market and is used to shape a global perspective.

  • Programmatic and Direct Video Buying trends among advertisers and publishers

  • Findings from a multi-market research study on the state of online video and trends driving the industry

 How research can fuel powerful storytelling around the world

  • Darlene LaChapelle, Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL
  • Maya Abinakad, Senior Marketing Manager, AOL

4 pm 4:40 pm (40 mins)

Put a Sexy Spin On Your Sales Story

Understanding the long range view of players in the digital space is crucial to business, and more importantly activating your current and future targets is a must.  It’s more and more essential to uncover the “best about you” and tell stories that sell.  Join GfK for a session delivering high quality data with insights on what you need to know… for today, and for tomorrow. We’ll explore how to make the best corporate decisions and spin your sales story with insights beyond POS data, adding emotion and color, with strong-proven ability to activate it in the digital space. If you’re tasked with reaching, and renewing, your video viewers this session is a must.

  • Karen Ramspacher, SVP, Consumer Insights & Trends, GfK MRI
  • David Tice, SVP, GfK
  • Jola Burnett, Vice President, GfK

4 pm 4:40 pm (40 mins)

Emotional Connection: A Measure Beyond Ratings for Television

Lauren’s session will highlight the recent efforts of NBCUniversal Lifestyle Group (Bravo, E!, Oxygen, Esquire and Sprout) with Coherency to quantify the emotional connection between consumers and their family of broadcast and digital properties. The result was a set of metrics that validate the strong correlation between love for a network/digital property/show and advertising effectiveness, a metric that will have ad sales implications well beyond click-through rates and Nielsen ratings. Discussion will also explore the concept of compatibility, a key component of emotional connection, and the importance of compatibility to advertisers and agencies when determining cross platform media buys. Coherency’s LoveQuotient® methodology is the first tool of its kind to quantify and predict the impact of consumer love for a brand, network, or show, based on the proven principles of compatibility matching and relationship science utilized by brands like eHarmony.

  • Lauren Zweifler, SVP of Ad Sales Research & Strategy, NBCUniversal

4:45 pm 5:25 pm (40 mins)

Mainstream, Multicultural, or Both? How to Engage Multicultural Millennial Influencers in 2017 and Beyond

2017 is poised to be an interesting year when it comes multicultural audiences and multicultural media, and no one knows that better than the panelists featured here! In this session, multicultural media researchers will share what they view as the most critical insights on Hispanic, multicultural, and millennial audiences they have seen of late. What have they have identified as key trends regarding platforms, content, and technologies for multicultural consumers? What do they foresee as the biggest challenges and opportunities for multicultural media companies? What advice do they have for mainstream media companies looking to grow their multicultural audiences? Hear about all this— plus anecdotes about multicultural research best practices and pitfalls— in this engaging session.

  • Michele Meyer, VP, Network Research, Univision
  • Thomas Kralik, VP, Campaign ROI, Revolt
  • Lia Silkworth, SVP of Insights and Consumer Development, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises
  • Moderator Adriana Waterston, Senior Vice President, Insights and Strategy, Horowitz Research

4:45 pm 5:25 pm (40 mins)

Voices of MAdTech: How Marketers and Agencies See the MAdTech World

An overwhelming number of brand marketers and agency execs agree that we’ve entered a “brave new world,” where media, advertising and technology are coming together. In this MAdTech era, the concepts of “pure play advertising” and “pure play media” are disappearing. Technology is the driving force behind the mash-up of media and advertising. In order to survive and thrive in this new environment, companies must evolve.

In this session, Ipsos Connect will unveil new research that provides insights into how brand marketers and agency professionals are responding to the MAdTech revolution. What are the needs of the MAdTech marketplace? How are we defining success criteria? As a leader in understanding consumers and businesses, Connect continues investing in researching the market in order to stay ahead of developments. Don’t miss this important session that will take a close look at how the advertising economy is changing.

  • Sherrill Mane, Head of MAdTech Strategy, Ipsos Connect

4:45 pm 5:25 pm (40 mins)

How Consumers Engage with Programming across Social Platforms

The role that social media plays in today’s TV experience has continued to evolve while its value for networks, agencies, and advertisers has matured. This summer, standardized third party measurement for social TV was introduced for the first time by Nielsen with Facebook and Twitter as the initial platforms measured within Social Content Ratings. Following the fall broadcast TV season, Sean Casey, President of Nielsen Social, will share a first look at initial learnings from this cross platform dataset. This will include insights across series and sports programming as well as differences by genre, day of the week and daypart. After briefly sharing these insights, Sean will host a fireside chat with key players that are benefiting from this standardization of measurement including thought leaders from the social platforms themselves, Facebook and Twitter, as well as marketing and research leaders from a broadcast and a cable network. How are these social platforms innovating on behalf of their network and TV advertiser partners as a result of the availability of cross platform measurement? And how are these networks maximizing the value they derive from social media?

  • Sean Casey, President, Nielsen Social
  • Leslie Koch, Director, Audience & Programming Insights, HBO
  • Brian Robinson, Manager, Media Research, Facebook
  • Guy Ram, Vice President, Digital Marketing, NBC

5:30 pm 6:10 pm (40 mins)

Leveraging Fan Passion in College Sports

HOOK’EM HORNS, ROLL TIDE, GO NOLES, BOOMER SOONERS… IMG College is the nation’s leading collegiate sports marketing company, offering national, regional, and local multi-platform marketing, multimedia, licensing and audio opportunities to nearly 200 universities. Fandom among the active student body and alumni is a lifelong passion. Keith will highlight the role of consumer, media and marketplace analytics in support of IMG College.

  • Keith Friedenberg, Partner & EVP, Global Insights Group, WME|IMG

5:30 pm 6:10 pm (40 mins)

Leveraging Audience Viewership & Behavioral Insights for Linear Monetization

With the ever-changing landscape of TV viewing, the competition for viewer ratings has intensified substantially in recent years. As a result, the revenues of major networks have had trouble keeping pace with the cost of programming. As profit margins decrease, networks seek to improve their viewer ratings with innovative scheduling strategies, similar to the ones provided by RSG Media’s Media Mantra analytics platform. 

  • Shiv Sehgal, VP, Product Management, Media Mantra, RSG Media

6:15 pm 7:15 pm (60 mins)

Welcome Reception